dreamfel® is the registered trademark for filament polypropylene yarns made exclusively by Tri Ocean Textile Co., LTD. located in Taipei, Taiwan. dreamfel® is the most adequate fiber for high performance compared with other synthetic and natural fiber.


  • Thermal wear
  • Socks and sock liners
  • Dive & surf suits
  • Denim and twills
  • Skiwear
  • Sliver knits
  • Active wear
  • Work wear
  • Thermal underwear
  • Automotive
  • Medical textile
  • Outdoor and indoor
  • Luggage

100% Environmentally Friendly

dreamfel® is made of 100% polypropylene. This raw material consists exclusively of carbon and hydrogen and is considered environmentally friendly. Garments made with 100% dreamfel® can be recycled and cause no pollution. Because of its character, dreamfel® does not create any allergic reactions and are very friendly to the skin. For this reason, dreamfel® is very suitable for hygienic articles for nursing center and hospital textiles.

The Breathable Textile
Moisture Transfer & Quick Dry

dreamfel® is the least absorbent of the textile fiber and never holds any moisture. The moisture moves away from the skin in the vapor stage, before it has condensed on the skin.

Lightweight & Thermal Conductivity

dreamfel® is the lightest of all apparel and is lighter than water. It is 30% lighter than polyester and 20% lighter than nylon. Regardless of the activity, weight saved means energy is saved for improved performance. As the light weight factor, crosses weave with other natural yarns such as wool or cotton can reduce the weight of fabric, the fabrics wove by dreamfel® offer a soft and a smooth hand feel. Also dreamfel® provides the lowest thermal conductivity of any fiber. This means that more heat is retained for a longer time.

20% lighter than Polyester

30% lighter than Nylon

Strong Color Fastness

dreamfel® is pre-colored by the solution-dyed process, so the color in the fiber is part of the fiber itself. With the unique pre-colored process, dreamfel® will hold color longer than other fibers. During outdoor activities, washing or wear and tear, the garment may still look new.

No Odor Retention

Mildew, mold and bacteria cannot grow on dreamfel® thus will not damage the fiber. Garments that is washed regularly in warm water with detergent will not retain body odors.

Chemical Resistant

dreamfel® will not react with ordinary chemicals, body salts or sweat and will not degrade in their presence.

These furniture fabrics are 100% environmental friendly and can withstand the hashish wind, rain sun exposure for a very long time. With great color fastness & extremely durable, these are the most ideal fabrics for outdoor and indoor furnitures, sofa & umbrellas.

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